What Is A Domain Name?

For a better understanding, try to see this from the 'offline' perspective. A domain is the place where your property lies. Now replace the word 'property' with 'website' and you have this online domain as the place where your website lies among all the others that exist on the internet. As to the domain name, this is actually the address pointed out by a numeric code known as IP. For this fact IPs (which are long digit numbers) are replaced with domain names to be easier to remember. For instance, instead of 25.335.440.551 you will have 'mydomainname.com' which you have to agree is much easier to keep in mind that the entire sequel of digits.

Advantages of Having Your Own Domain Name

- Having your own domain gives you professional appearance.
- Easy to change hosting with out loosing your visitors/clients.

How to get/register a domain name?

You need to have this name registered otherwise you can not use it for your website. As such, you should get an account with any of the registrars that are accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Use the registrar domain search and find an domain that you like it, fill the domain registrar form and the domain will be yours in just some minutes. A domain name cost around $10-$20 per year and the most popular domain ext are .com .net .org.

How to host your domain name?

After your domain name is registered the next step for you to take is to find a web host and create a hosting account. From your web host you will get the NAME SERVERS, will look like NS1.Your-Host.NET NS2.Your-Host.NET etc. Now go to your domain registrar and change your domain nameservers to your host nameservers. Now your domain is connected with your hosting account and when someone type your domain in his broswer will see your website that you have create at your host.

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